Architecture term papers

The deeper assimilated response makes a building to be better identified as Postmodern.

Architecture term papers

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Building Information Modeling Bim in Construction. This paper concerns the ways construction managers can use Building Information Modeling BIMa computerized approach to designing and constructing buildings.

It is argued that BIM increases collaboration and efficiency while reducing costs. However, effective use of BIM in the future will require a higher level of standardization among the various kinds of software programs that currently exist.

Uncommon Ground by David Leatherbarrow. This paper reviews Uncommon Ground, a book that is concerned with the interrelationship Architecture term papers construction technology and place topography in modern Western architecture.

Nonetheless, the book is useful because of the information it provides about the style of construction that developed during the late modern period.

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This paper reviews Leatherbarrow's book, in which the author argues that the design of a building is more than just a matter of superficial "style. The review is favorable, noting that Leatherbarrow makes good points and sound arguments; furthermore, the book contains a great deal of useful theoretical and historical information.

Financing the Cathedral of Notre Dame. This paper discusses the views of historians regarding the manner in which the building of the Cathedral of Notre-Dame was financed. The analysis shows that the financial sources included contributions from the King, church funds, collection tours, and donations from rich and poor alike.

No evidence is found that construction costs were ever cut through the use of volunteer laborers. Discusses the controversy over the question of whether or not the sale of indulgences played a major role in the construction of the cathedral. The Expression of an Idea in Modern Architecture: This paper makes the case that the main building complex at the Bauhaus school in Dessau, Germany was designed by architect Walter Gropius as an embodiment of the virtues of the machine age.

Urbanism and Architecture in Four European Countries. This paper focuses on architecture and urbanization in Italy, England, France and Germany, with a special emphasis on the urban communities of Rome, London, Paris and Munich.

Includes a discussion of how each city has dealt with the problems of urbanization, and how each city has retained its own unique architectural traditions while at the same time incorporating modern and post-modern architectural trends. This paper compares the pyramidal structures in these three cultures and argues that, in terms of architectural features and ritual functions, the Pre-Columbian pyramids have more in common with the Mesopotamian ziggurats than with the Egyptian pyramids.

Architecture term papers

Architecture and Urbanism in Chicago and Versailles. This paper provides an historical overview of Chicago and Versailles, with a comparison of each city's architectural features and elements of urban design.

Of the two cities, it is argued that Chicago displays much more diversity in terms of architectural style. Hospital Rebuilding Program in California. This paper is concerned with the California state requirement for hospital buildings to meet seismic safety standards following the Northridge earthquake.

Despite the high costs of rebuilding, the state failed to provide funding, and there are uncertainties regarding the availability of federal funding. The paper includes various recommendations for making the program run more smoothly. Describes the 17th Century work of architecture and discusses the debate over its meaning.

Various interpretations are discussed, including Begley's view that the building symbolically represents Islamic religious concepts. It is concluded that more than one interpretation on the building's meaning and influences may be correct at the same time.

The buildings are similar because they are both based on the Ionic order. Yet, they are different because, among other things, the Roman friezes are decorative rather than commemorative, and the Roman structure includes embedded rather than freestanding columns on its sides. Comparison of Two Monuments in Rome.

The Ara Pacis Augustae a classical monument is compared to the Sarcophagus of Junius Bassus a post-classical monument. Both works show the influence of the Attic classical Greek style, but differences can also be found in how the relief figures are carved and in their themes.Another noted architectural example of this period was John Nash’s Royal Pavilion in Brighton ().

The design of this palace was greatly influenced by Islamic and Eastern architecture (Flynn; Sporre ; Tansey , ). Victorian architecture was both a rediscovery of the past and the precursor of Modern architecture.

Architecture Term Paper: Architecture is the art of planning and construction of complex buildings and the discipline which studies all the methods, techniques and ways of building. Architecture is one of the most important and visible material values which make people’s life more beautiful.

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1. Big Questions and Smaller Ones. In this paper, we describe an FPGA H/AVC encoder architecture performing at real-time. To reduce the critical path length and to increase throughput, the encoder uses a parallel and pipeline architecture and all modules have .

More architecture essay samples, art essay samples, design essay samples From the Grave to Excess – Essay Sample Archaeology provides many answers, but for years it provided no definitive answer about the origins of Roman building.

Term Papers words | ( pages) | Preview The History of Gothic Architecture in Italy - Abbott Suger wanted to make Saint Denis a magnificent showplace as the royal Abbey church of France and burial place of French kings.

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