Comparison of forehand groundstrokes

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Comparison of forehand groundstrokes

Some issues with stability Bottom Line Built for the aggressive player, the Babolat Pure Strike is worth a try for players looking to add a lively, fast playing, spin friendly option to their game!

Ability Intermediate and above Groundstrokes - Score: Hannah said, "Rather than picking up my racquet for the last four weeks, I opted for the to get a good idea of how it performed during sets, points and drilling.

It was great, and I think any player looking for easy access to power and spin from the baseline will enjoy the variety this racquet offers.

It weighs less than the Pure Strike 98, making it a tad more maneuverable from the baseline, which always has its advantages if you want to take fuller swings.

The lighter weight compromises some stability, and when it came down to it I preferred the few extra swingweight points of the The Pure Strike still offers plenty of options from the baseline, which made it a no brainer choice for my game.

I could take aggressive swings at balls on the rise, roll the ball deep with loads of spin and easily angle the ball off the court. The only other difference between the playability of the two racquets stems from the bigger head size, which creates a slightly higher trajectory on groundstrokes.

I have an easier time flattening out and putting away shots with the Like Hannah, he still prefers the Pure Strike 98, although the differences are subtle. He explained, "I could generate a lot of racquet head speed with relative ease.

Comparison of forehand groundstrokes

The excellent maneuverability was what stood out most to me. I was getting just a little less power and spin on my shots with this racquet than I get with the Pure Strike 98 16x I also really liked the angles I was finding with my forehand; I could move my opponents off the court and get in an offensive position.

However, when I was hitting against harder hitters the Pure Strike would get pushed around easily, and the drop in playability was much more noticeable on off-center shots. However, she admitted, "After spending many hours on court playtesting the Pure Strike I never felt percent confident playing with it from the baseline.

I tried multiple strings and string set-ups to try to dial it in, and I ended up settling on a hybrid that offered a little additional comfort and power.

The biggest positive of the racquet was the maneuverability. It felt super fast, and I was able to generate racquet head speed with ease.

However, I had to work hard to hit deep groundstrokes with pace. I also thought the sweetspot was a little smaller than I was expecting, resulting in a drop in power and some instability. I found myself playing it safe with my groundstrokes, aiming for big targets and hitting a couple extra shots before putting the ball away.

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It was pretty easy for me to pick it up and use, although I did have to adjust to the trajectory of my shots compared to what I get with my Prince Textreme Tour P. The string pattern is pretty open on the Pure Strike compared to my own racquet, so when I was struggling with control I was hitting the ball long.

Despite those issues, I liked this racquet from the baseline because I could hit with depth and also hit some good angles. As I said, this racquet felt light, and it was a bit too light and stiff for me to string it with a full bed of polyester.

The mobile feel had its ups and downs for the team. She said, "I had a bit of a tough time getting into a groove at the net. The maneuverability was definitely the most positive aspect of volleying with the Pure Strike I found it best to keep my volleys simple with punches deep into the court aimed at big targets.

I never really found the touch or feel to go for riskier shots. She added, "I volleyed fairly well with the Pure Strike primarily because I could maneuver it easily. I punched volleys with good directional control. When I hit my volley cleanly I found good power and spin for my put-away shots.

When I made contact just outside the sweetspot the racquet would twist in my hand and there was a big drop in power, control and spin.

Tiffani thought that what the Pure Strike lacked in power it made up for in precision.

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I really noticed how light it felt though the air, which made it easy to swing, but I had to swing harder to generate pace.Bruggemann Jobe Forehand Comparison. Forehand comparisons.

Comparison of forehand groundstrokes

Download file. Posted by Lee Couillard at AM | Permalink. March 11, Calculating serve speed.

Lauren Chong Kee groundstrokes. Lauren Chong Kee groundstrokes. Download file. Posted by Bernard Gusman at AM | Permalink.

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Brittany Suzuki groundstrokes. Groundstrokes. Though its’ strung weight is only 1/10th of an ounce greater than my current stick, the Pure Control Tour feels heavy. But with this heft comes greater pop on your shots.

However, that pace is unfortunately offset by its’ 16×20 open string pattern. Still, my forehand felt solid, with good pace and decent spin/control. The purpose of the comparison between the initial stages of development through to the professional ranks is to draw attention to the similarities in technical development versus the often talked about differences.

the forehand groundstroke, return of serve, approach and volley. Grunting is widely used by professional tennis players, but no research has been done to verify enhanced performance with grunting.

Therefore, the purpose of this study was to determine if grunting enhanced ball velocity in groundstrokes and secondly, to determine if grunting increased the physiological cost of hitting (V̇O 2, HR, VE/V̇O 2, and RPE).

In tennis, a grip is a way of holding the racquet in order to hit shots during a match.

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The three most commonly used conventional grips are: the Continental (or "Chopper"), the Eastern and the Western. Most players change grips during a match depending on what shot they are hitting.

The technique to get "in the slot" is very different for the forehand versus the backhand due to body orientation. Getting "In the Slot" is Trickier for the Forehand Getting "in the slot" is one of the biggest secrets of pro groundstrokes (and serves).

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