Crocodile paragraph in urdu

By Muhammad Ali 9:

Crocodile paragraph in urdu

Gharial skeleton Gharial hatchlings are pale olive on the back and become darker with age.

Crocodile paragraph in urdu

Dark cross-bands and speckles are visible on head, body and tail. Scutes on head, neck and back form a single continuous plate composed of 21 to 22 transverse series, and four longitudinal series.

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Scutes on the back are bony, but softer and feebly keeled on the sides. The outer edges of the forearms, legs, and feet are crested, and fingers and toes partly webbed.

There are two rows of ridges on the central region of the back. Male gharials develop a hollow bulbous nasal protuberance at the tip of the snout upon sexual maturity.

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The front teeth are the largest. The first, second, and third mandibular teeth fit into notches in the upper jaw.

The nasal bones are rather short and widely separated from the premaxilla. The nasal opening is smaller than the supra temporal fossae.

The jugal bone is raised and the extremely long symphysis extends to the 23rd or 24th tooth. The snout is dilated at the end. Together with the webbed feet it provides tremendous manoeuvrability in deep water. On land, a gharial can only slide on its belly and push itself forward.

Captive-bred gharials were released since the late s. The population is breeding sinceand increased to about 42 adults by Captive-bred gharials were released sinceand the population increased to 1, gharials in Young gharials move forward by pushing the diagonally opposite legs synchronously, whereby the hind feet step close to where the front feet were.

At a young age, they can also gallop but do so only in emergency situations. When they reach a weight of about 1. When on the beach, they often turn round so to face the water. They change their basking pattern with increasing daily temperatures, and start basking earlier in the mornings, move back into the river when it is hot, and return to the beach later in the afternoon.

Adult males and females associate by mid February.

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With body size increasing, they move to deeper water.The gharial (Gavialis gangeticus), also known as the gavial, and fish-eating crocodile is a crocodilian in the family Gavialidae, and is native to the northern part of the Indian subcontinent.

Nsibidi (also known as nsibiri, nchibiddi or nchibiddy) is a system of symbols indigenous to what is now southeastern Nigeria that is apparently an ideographic script, though there have been suggestions that it includes logographic elements.

The symbols are at least several centuries old—early forms appeared on excavated pottery as well as what are most likely ceramic stools and headrests.

The crocodile told the monkey that he had a wife and that they lived on the other side of the river. So the kind monkey offered him some extra rose apples to take home to his wife.

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The crocodile’s wife loved the rose apples and made her husband promise to get her some every day. Unicode® Character Name Index A. Name, Alias, or Category Chart Link; A WITH ACUTE, LATIN CAPITAL LETTER: 00C1.

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Crocodile paragraph in urdu

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