Descriptive statistics examples business reports

Questions a to c refer to the following figure: Connect the A points with a smooth curve to form distribution A, the B points with a smooth curve to form distribution B, and the C points with a smooth curve to form distribution C.

Descriptive statistics examples business reports

Such summaries may be either quantitativei. These summaries may either form the basis of the initial description of the data as part of a more extensive statistical analysis, or they may be sufficient in and of themselves for a particular investigation.

Statistics Online May 6, by April Klazema In statistics, data is everything. When you collect your data, you can make a conclusion based on how you use it.
Examples of Descriptive Statistics FAQs - Descriptive and Inferential Statistics What are the similarities between descriptive and inferential statistics?
What are some examples of descriptive statistics? | Yahoo Answers Posted on September 27, Survey Data Analysis: What you can say about your results hinges heavily on the types of analyses your questions and the capabilities of your response scales.
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For example, the shooting percentage in basketball is a descriptive statistic that summarizes the performance of a player or a team. This number is the number of shots made divided by the number of shots taken. The percentage summarizes or describes multiple discrete events.

Consider also the grade point average.

descriptive statistics examples business reports

This single number describes the general performance of a student across the range of their course experiences. More recently, a collection of summarisation techniques has been formulated under the heading of exploratory data analysis: In the business world, descriptive statistics provides a useful summary of many types of data.

For example, investors and brokers may use a historical account of return behavior by performing empirical and analytical analyses on their investments in order to make better investing decisions in the future.

Univariate analysis[ edit ] Univariate analysis involves describing the distribution of a single variable, including its central tendency including the meanmedianand mode and dispersion including the range and quartiles of the data-set, and measures of spread such as the variance and standard deviation.

descriptive statistics examples business reports

The shape of the distribution may also be described via indices such as skewness and kurtosis. Bivariate and multivariate analysis[ edit ] When a sample consists of more than one variable, descriptive statistics may be used to describe the relationship between pairs of variables.

In this case, descriptive statistics include: Cross-tabulations and contingency tables.Some examples of descriptive research include case studies and preliminary observation of a group. Case studies are examples of a relevant event that can be analyzed to learn about a .

Common examples of descriptive analytics are reports that provide historical insights regarding the company’s production, financials, operations, sales, finance, inventory and customers. Use Descriptive Analytics when you need to understand at an aggregate level what is going on in your company, and when you want to summarize and describe.

Most business reports are informal • The writer is the readers servant. Purpose of a Business Report Example 1: Help XYZ Organisation evaluate best practice options from other organisations for potential future implementation.


Objectives. Need to be. 3 Statistical Analysis of Gender Patterns in Wal-Mart Workforce Prepared by Richard Drogin, Ph. D. February A.

Descriptive Statistics Excel/Stata

INTRODUCTION 1. I hold a Ph.D. in statistics from the University of . For example, if you tested a drug to beat cancer and it worked in your patients, you cannot claim that it would work in other cancer patients only relying on descriptive statistics (but inferential statistics would give you this opportunity).

In the output above, Minitab reports that the P-value is , which we take to mean.

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