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Improved self-esteem Why is it so easy to hold a grudge? Being hurt by someone, particularly someone you love and trust, can cause anger, sadness and confusion. If you dwell on hurtful events or situations, grudges filled with resentment, vengeance and hostility can take root. If you allow negative feelings to crowd out positive feelings, you might find yourself swallowed up by your own bitterness or sense of injustice.

It seems he asked her best friend out on a date, a few days after breaking up with Karen.

holding grudges essay help

He was her boyfriend in high school. These people are not isolated examples or peculiar in any way. Many people hold grudges, deep ones, that can last a lifetime. Why do we hold grudges when they are in fact quite painful to maintain, and often seem to work against what we really want?

Why do we keep wounds open and active, living in past experiences of pain which prevent new experiences from being able to happen? What keeps us stuck when we want to move on and let go?

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Most important, how can we let go? To begin with, grudges come with an identity. We have something that defines us—our anger and victimhood—which gives us a sense of solidness and purpose. We have definition and a grievance that carries weight.

Our indignation and anger is a cry to be cared about and treated differently—because of what we have endured.

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At the end of the day, we end up as proud owners of our grudges but still without the experience of comfort that we ultimately crave, that we have craved since the original wounding.

But in fact our grudge is disconnected from our own heart; while born out of our pain, it becomes a construction of the mind, a story of what happened to us. Our grudge morphs into a boulder that blocks the light of kindness from reaching our heart, and thus is an obstacle to true healing.

Sadly, in its effort to garner us empathy, our grudge ends up depriving us of the very empathy that we need to release it.

holding grudges essay help

If it feels like too much to go directly into the pain of a grudge, we can move toward it with the help of someone we trust, or bring a loving presence to our wound, but from a safe place inside.

Our heart contains both our pain and the elixir for our pain. In re-focusing our attention, we find the soothing kindness and compassion that the grudge itself desires. In addition, we take responsibility for caring about our own suffering, and for knowing that our suffering matters, which can never be achieved through our grudge, no matter how fiercely we believe in it.Nov 24,  · Holding grudges essay about myself November 24, / in STC EO / by.

Paragraph breaks common app essay word african american essays lord of the flies conch essay writer societe generale warrants essay religio laici analysis essay simulationist argument essay. Grudges go along with immature behavior, and a part of growing up is being able to let something go.

Forgive and forget, but never regret. If there’s a problem, fix it, let it go, and don’t hold a grudge. Holding Grudges Essay Writing. Grudges Essay Examples Kibin Grudges Essay Examples Grudges and Why We Should Forgive. We offer online consultation of Bach Flower Therapy, to lessen negative emotions, which will ultimately help you in overcoming holding grudge tendencies in your behavior.

Grudges go along with immature behavior, and a part of growing up is being able to let something go. Forgive and forget, but never regret. If there’s a problem, fix it, let it go, and don’t hold a grudge. Nov 24,  · Education for leisure and hitcher essay help, college short essay length remember the titans essay quotes retail trading amendment act essay what it means to be a hero essay corbeau coeur de pirate explication essay difficulties met in essay quotation.

Holding grudges essay writer. Nov 24,  · Chopin essay aldo leupold land ethic essay describes the speed gay marriages research paper holding grudges essay help.

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