Mahatma gandhi did he do and did he influence

I think one might mention here the change that took place in his dress as an indication of his inward change. When I first met him he would dress as an average middle class man of the professional classes would dress When the BBC decided in to record a series of interviews with people who'd known Mahatma Gandhi well, one person they turned to was a then quite elderly Englishwoman by the name of Millie Polak. And one of the things I used to question with him so often was:

Mahatma gandhi did he do and did he influence

Student Answers gsenviro Student One of the biggest contributions of Gandhi to India was, of course, its independence. Gandhi led the Congress party and the country against the British and used the concepts of civil disobedience and non-violence to drive the colonists out.

He is also known as the Father of the nation. His other contribution was the self-awareness and nationalism that he instilled in millions of Indians through simple means.

He promoted the use of Indian clothes, namely Khadi, and shunned the use of imported clothes.

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He called them "harijans" children of god and worked for their betterment. He established ashrams where such practices making Khadi and cleaning your own toilets and doing your own chores were followed.

First, he showed them that they could stand against the British and take control of their own destiny. Second, he drew the differing cultural and political factions together, giving them a united strength to negotiate independence from their foreign rulers.

Mahatma gandhi did he do and did he influence

Gandhi had trained as a lawyer in London before spending over 20 years giving legal representation and advice for Indian nationals living in South Africa. He stood against discrimination in all its forms and developed a strategy of non-violent protest. It was this background that enabled him to lead the Indian people to independence.

Before the British took the Indian subcontinent into their empire, the land was divided between a number of princes and rulers.

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The British united these various kingdoms into one nation. Gandhi was able to use his legal training and his understanding of the British mind to create a pathway for Indians to become independent.

He then used his experiences from South Africa to lead them down that road. The fact that against the odds they are still united today is his lasting legacy.

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One of his ideals was that anything could be achieved by Ahimsa or non violence. His ideas were basically base on two basic principles truth and non violence.

He started the Dandi march for disobeying the Salt Law as a part of the Non-Cooperation movement which he started in Access hundreds of thousands of answers with a free trial.Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, also known as Mahatma Gandhi, led the independence movement of India against the British, working against racial and socioeconomic repression.

He used nonviolent tactics, inspiring civil rights movements across the world. Gandhi led with "satyagraha," or "truth" and. At age 9, Gandhi entered the local school in Rajkot, near his he studied the rudiments of arithmetic, history, the Gujarati language and geography.

At age 11, he joined the High School in Rajkot. He was an average student, won some prizes, but was a shy and tongue tied student, with no interest in games; his only companions were books and school lessons.

Mahatma Gandhi was born in Gujarat. Gandhi was fluent in Hindi and English. He remains in the minds of millions, as an individual who began the process of uniting India like none other.3/5(5).

Mahatma Gandhi became a leader of the Indian community and over the years developed a political movement based on the methods of non-violent civil disobedience, which he called “satyagraha”. He dressed simply, in a loin cloth and shawl, and he didn’t have any other material possessions.

Mahatma Gandhi, byname of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, (born October 2, , Porbandar, India—died January 30, , Delhi), Indian lawyer, politician, social activist, and writer who became the leader of the nationalist movement against the British rule of India.

As such, he came to be considered.

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The Influence of Mahatma Gandhi (The Reverend C.F. Andrews (), an Englishman, was a close associate of Mahatma Gandhi and Rabindranath Tagore, and a friend of India. He was known as Deenabandhu (friend of the helpless) – as he was described .

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