Monitoring system for automatic plant irrigator

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Monitoring system for automatic plant irrigator

Even if it is available, they need to pump water and wait until the field is properly watered, which compels them to stop doing other activities — which are also important for them, and thus they loss their precious time and efforts.

But, there is a solution — an automatic plant irrigation system not only helps farmers but also others for watering their gardens as well. This automatic irrigation system senses the moisture content of the soil and automatically switches the pump when the power is on.

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A proper usage of irrigation system is very important because the main reason is the shortage of land reserved water due to lack of rain, unplanned use of water as a result large amounts of water goes waste. For this reason, we use this automatic plant watering system, and this system is very useful in all climatic conditions.

By using a bridge rectifier this AC is converted to DCthen it is regulated to 5v using a voltage regulator which is used for the operation of the microcontroller. Block Diagram of Automatic Plant Irrigation System The block diagram of this automatic plant irrigation system comprises three main components namely a microcontroller, a motor-driver circuit and a sensor circuit.

When the sensor circuit senses the condition of soil, it compares it with the reference voltage 5v. This process is done by a timer. When the soil condition is less than the reference voltage, i.

The microcontroller then turns on the motor driver circuit and prompts the motor to pump water to the plants. When the soil condition is greater than the reference voltage, the soil becomes dry. | Free Sex, Free Porn, Free Direct Download

Then the timer sends the logic signal 0 to the microcontroller, this turns off the motor driver circuit and prompts motor to pump water to the fields. Finally, the condition of the motor and soil are displayed in the LCD display.

The main function of the inverter output is proportional to input. It means, if the input of the inverter is low, then the output of the inverter will be high, and the inverter will give low output if the input is high.

The Hex inverter IC includes six independent inverters and the range of operating voltage is around 4.

Monitoring system for automatic plant irrigator

They are used in many applications such as drivers, inverting buffers, etc. This IC is available in different packages like quad-flat package and dual-inline package. The pin configuration of the IC is shown below.

To make the circuit work and to water the pants, we use this simple logic: This circuit consists of two probes that are placed into the earth. These probes perform the work only when the soil resistance is low and they cannot perform when the resistance of the soil is high.

Plant Irrigation System Circuit Diagram To conduct the probes, the voltage supply is provided from a battery, which is connected to the circuit.

When the soil becomes dry, it produces large voltage drop due to high resistance, and this is sensed by the hex inverter and makes the first NE timer. This timer is arranged as a monostable multivibrator with the help of an electrical signal.

When the first timer is activated at pin2, it generates the output at pin3; and, this output is given to the input of the second timer. This second NE timer is configured with astable multivibrator and generates the output to make the relay which is connected to the electrically operated value through the SK transistor.

The output of the second timer switches on the transistor that drives the relay. This relay is connected to the input of an electrical value and the output of the electrical value is given to the plants through the pipe. When the relay is turned on, the valve opens and water through the pipes rushes to the crops.

When the water content in the soil increases, the soil resistance gets decreases and the transmission of the probes gets starts to make the inverter stop the triggering of the first timer.


Finally the valve which is connected to the relay is stopped. The advantage of using an automatic plant irrigator is that it is a simple system capable of conserving water, improving growth, discouraging weeds, saving time, and controlling fungal diseases and adaptable to the conditions.

Micro Irrigation System Micro irrigation is nothing but a slow and regular application of water and nutrients moving down drop-by-drop directly to the root zone of the plants through low-discharge emitters and plastic pipes. After one completes the study of inter relationship between crops, soil, water and climatic conditions, one will find this micro irrigation system as a suitable system capable of delivering exact quantity of water at the root zone of the plants.

Micro Irrigation System This system ensures that the plants do not endure from the strain or stress of less and over watering.This is a project of a simple metal detector circuit.

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'Like' searches may be conducted in any of the text fields below. Irrigation scheduling research: South African experiences and future prospects. JG Annandale I, *; RJ Stirzaker I,II, A Singels I,III, M van der Laan I,III; MC Laker I.

I Department of Plant Production and Soil Science, University of Pretoria, Private Bag X20, Hatfield, Pretoria , South Africa II CSIRO Land and Water, PO Box , ACT , Australia.

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