Report on motion

Hire Writer First you must calculate the mass of the sliding mass and the equilibrium displacement of the spring.

Report on motion

To get familiar to their function, we will conduct basic measurements then check graph and digits displayed with our results; part2 is to learn graph reading on Capstone; part3, is about using Capstone to detect an accelerated motion of a glider on an inclined air track.

Through the connection of Smart Cart with the sensors required, it makes datas set up and analysis very quick and easy.

Motion sensor was used in both parts of the process, by emitting and receiving sound pulses sample rate can vary from1 to Hz, depending on experiment requirementit is able to record the motion time of experimental subject. Part 1, was mainly about getting familiar with Capstone software.

One blocker, a ruler meter and an intergration of the digital recorder mentioned above.

Report on motion

Firstly, set all the parameters sample rate 20Hz, data accuracy 3 significant figures. Use a meter ruler to measure the position of the blocker from motion sensor, to make sure the digits displayed consist to our measurement. Kept the position stationary 0.

We moved the notebook in 3 different ways and match the motion type with time-velocity graph displayed. Part 2, was based on the ideal time-position and time-velocity graphs shown in textbook, with observation and judgement, we were required to do analysis and figure out several related questions.

Part 3, air track, 3 blockers, 2 gliders, motion sensor and Capstone were put into use. We operated on an accelerated motion of a glider on an inclined air track.

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Still, we first need to balance the possible friction. Then lifted the right side of the air track with 3 blockers, Measured the height of both side as well as the length of it. Calculated the angle from the following formula.

Report on motion

Obtainedwe are able to compare theoretical acceleration to actual display on the Capstone to whether make confirmation or analyze possible error causes. Release glider from the upper side, keep a proper distance from the release point to motion sensor to secure its accuracy.

Using Capstone for graph display of three main quantities, position, velocity and accelerationrepeat the experiment above more than 3 times, then change its default setting to 25Hz to perform again.

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Select one best run and screenshot it. Also, the measurements from display differ greatly from time to time, so we assumed that the acoustic beam might not be receive correctly and reflected from elsewhere.

Table1 compare measurements by ruler and capstone In this case, the digit readings were farfetched when position was greater than 1m, so the position was controlled within 0. From our best run 9, two points were selected from slow slope and shape slope respectively.

Apply all the data into calculation ,the data we got show as follow. Table2 maximum and minimum velocity selected on the graph of run 9 Part 2, read graphs and analyze Position-times curve We should put notebook at least 0.Motion Lab Report Introduction Simple harmonic motion is the motion of a mass on a spring when it is subject to the linear elastic restoring force given by Hooker’s Law.

Introduction. Friction is a force between objects that opposes the relative motion of the objects. In this project, you will be studying kinetic friction (also called sliding friction).When two objects are moving relative to one another, kinetic friction converts some of the kinetic energy of that motion into heat.

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