The consultant s guide to successfully implementing

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The consultant s guide to successfully implementing

We are proud to collaborate with them in our mission to create equal access and economic empowerment for cannabis businesses, their patients, and the communities most affected by the War on Drugs. The leadership at Denver Relief Consulting has been instrumental in the continued success of the Minority Cannabis Business Association.

The report was thorough, straight-forward and easy to understand.

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We have since noticed an increase in our sales at Denver Relief and are very excited to use these stats to our benefit at other medical marijuana centers. Their industry know how and wide network of contacts helped us navigate our way through an otherwise unfamiliar business environment.

Our product offering, sales strategy and marketing tactics were all greatly influenced by the advice we received from Ean, Kayvan and their team of experts.

I would highly recommend their services to any business seeking entrance into the MMJ industry. We were able to make both major and minor adjustments that have drastically improved our grow operation. Our product quality has always been one of our top priorities and consistently receives top rated reviews.

These guys have unprecedented knowledge of the medical marijuana industry and their business savvy coupled with complete respect for the laws and regulations make them one of the most valuable assets to have in your arsenal.

If you have any questions or concerns about your medical marijuana business, your next phone call should be to Denver Relief Consulting. With introductions to the industries best associations and business leaders, we have rapidly been able to establish ourselves as a leader in the sales of Office Supplies, Custom Printing, Labels, and Bumper Stickers to the industry.

As the owners of this premier Medical Marijuana Center, they are very professional and fully aware of all industry standards. Denver Relief Consulting has the pulse of the cannabis industry nationwide.

The consultant s guide to successfully implementing

From my experience, they are very approachable and easy to work with, for both established dispensaries and new businesses. I highly recommend Denver Relief Consulting if you desire to keep your cannabis business cutting edge in this ever evolving industry or just need some guidance with all the puzzle pieces.

Denver Relief Consulting seemed to offer the right solution and we quickly realized it was the perfect relationship. They understood the issues immediately and helped us implement a steady course of action. Denver Relief Consulting provides a way for others to replicate this responsible and profitable business model in their own communities and is playing a major role in moving our industry forward.

Using their extensive knowledge of the industry as a soundboard, we were able to tailor our products to the needs of dispensary owners- both by price and by functionality- as evidenced by our strong sales which began immediately after launch. It was a true pleasure to work with Ean and Kayvan and we look forward to continued collaborations in the future!

Ean and the team were there for us from the very beginning.


They gave us guidance in all realms of the marijuana industry, from licensing and compliancy to aiding us in developing strong relationships with vendors.

Applications were due in November and Denver Relief Consulting worked quickly to help me prepare many portions of the application.

Jill worked tirelessly toward the deadline date. Out of 27 applicants, 6 dispensaries were granted licenses, and ours was one of them. Having worked with them for three years, I can say with confidence that their insight and meaningful feedback has been a valuable asset to our team. Their passion and enthusiasm for this industry is evident in all that they do.

From master growers and lighting technicians, to public officials and former NASA Scientists, businesses who choose to work with DRC can rest easy at night knowing they are in the best of hands.

The consultant s guide to successfully implementing

When it comes to civic engagement and participation, the amount of community awareness and involvement that the team over at DRC has put forth over the years is unmatched by any other company in the industry today.

Ean and Kayvan are super knowledgeable in so many areas of the cannabis industry and really help investors understand a very nuanced and sometimes difficult to understand industry.

They were instrumental in providing us with direction, expertise, and advise on all aspects of the business during our state application process. The entire staff was always responsive and provided us with all information we needed to be successful. With the direction from Denver Relief Consulting, Silver State Relief was able to obtain the highest evaluation score on all three of our license applications in the State of Nevada.

We are confident in our plans going forward and look forward to a continued relationship with Denver Relief Consulting. My husband and I felt a connection with Denver Relief the first time we spoke on a conference call.Aug 07,  · The pace of business shows no signs of slowing down and the competition in any sector isn’t getting easier.

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