The pledges that could have saved

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The pledges that could have saved

Two people whose pledges are listed as confirmed in the loan agreement told VTDigger that their personal financial records show their pledges were overstated. Neither were aware that the pledges were used to secure the loan. Burlington College President Christine Plunkett leave a board of trustees meeting just before her resignation in December The loan agreement was signed by Sanders and Christine Plunkett who was then the vice president of administration and finance for Burlington College.

Sanders, wife of Sen. Sanders was president of Burlington College from to Plunkett went on to succeed Sanders as college president before she too was forced out last year as the college struggled financially. She did not respond to several interview requests, nor did she answer a set of questions that were emailed to a campaign spokesman.

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Greg Guma, who covered Sanders departure for VTDiggerreported that former trustee Jonathan Leopold was unhappy with her fundraising just days before her resignation was announced in September Several other trustees who were on the board in declined to comment for this report.

Current Burlington College president Dr. Carol Moore said her administration has no record of the pledges Sanders cited in the loan document. Moore has made no effort to reconcile the pledges Sanders recorded in the loan agreement with what was on the books when she took over in December Carol Moore, president of Burlington College.

Three months after Moore became president, the school sold 27 acres of the campus to developer Eric Farrell — a deal that was in the works prior to Moore becoming president. She refused to entertain questions about whether Burlington College could have held onto the land if the pledges Sanders listed were honored.


Mahoney declined to comment, saying to do so as former employee would be inappropriate. VTDigger attempted to interview individuals listed as confirmed pledges in the loan document. Most refused to answer questions, but of those who did, two said their personal records show Sanders overstated their pledges.

Former trustees say their pledges were overstated Former trustee Ron Leavitt is listed in a chart in the loan document as Rle to differentiate him from another donor and former trustee Robin Lloyd.

He was interested in making an endowed gift with a naming option from her estate. Leavitt never made a further donation. Luck was making regular reports to Sanders and other school officials about his progress on the fundraising campaign.

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Luck is a veteran of dozens of capital campaigns, he said. Luck said he left files on the donors he worked with at the college.Tougher climate pledges ‘could save millions of lives’ In that scenario, the researchers say over a million lives will be saved every year, and two million jobs created.

The pledges that could have saved

Countries have been asked to submit their “intended nationally determined contributions” to the UN by 1 October this year. Mar 01,  · Bpl Pledges: You’Ll Have ‘Soft Landing’ On Extra Charge Imagine the hundreds of millions the Bahamian people could have saved, had the conversion been back then.

The political elite. Murder, death, chaos, and war could have all been stopped, only if Caesar would stand firm and stand back from his principles.

Calphurnia was a minor character whose judgments, if listened to by Caesar, could have changed the entire course of the play. The parents of a southern Alberta autistic girl are warning other parents that had Bill 24 been the law over the past two years, their year-old daughter very likely could have committed suicide.

The pledges were pressured to chug vodka, shotgun beers and drink wine according to court documents. Amy Winehouse's father Mitch slams Paul McCartney's 'ridiculous' claims he could have saved.

The pledges that could have saved

Pomerleau advised Sanders on college land deal he also saved; Burlington College could have held onto the land if the pledges Sanders listed were honored. pledges VTDigger has identified.

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