When certification is justified in it

When Certification Is JustifiedWhen Don Tennant, former editor-in-chief of Computerworld, published an editorial in favor of IT certification, he was promptly hit with a barrage of angry responses from IT workers. A worker needs good communication and problem-solving skills as well as perseverance to get the job done well. Many readers indicated they suspected that vendors offer certification simply as a marketing ploy and a source of revenue.

When certification is justified in it

Classes are conducted on Monday through Friday for two weeks with the weekend off. This arrangement usually benefits local trainees. We will, however, conduct the course during ten consecutive days, if necessary.

We contract for training in two ways. The size of the class will be limited by the facilities available. We will supply the necessary number of instructors.

Agencies that host open recertification courses pay nothing for instructor recertification during the course. The course fee includes: All fees and necessary permission for use of PSS material.

Consultation, review, critique, and approval of your instructional plans for in-service and recruit training. A guarantee to provide two yearly instructor recertification courses, one per year for the next two years.

Review and critique of classes conducted by graduates of this course during the period in which we conduct a recertification course. Manuals and other instructional equipment for instructor candidates.

Significant discounts on "Redman" protective training equipment. Initial research and consultation by Federal Court certified expert witnesses for all use of force related actions brought against the agency that adopts our training system.

In short, as with other elements of total training design, appropriate, valid, and reliable testing for open psychomotor skill testing was lacking, so we developed it. As with the Use of Force Model, no other training concern that we know of has these types of testing instruments, unless copied from those which we developed.

When certification is justified in it

In order to protect the agency, trainers, and trainees, we have established prerequisites to certification. Trainees must pass competency-based written, performance, and situational examinations in each block of instruction, according to the established terminal performance objectives. These testing procedures have been validated by educational psychologists.

Several conditions necessitate this policy. The first is the necessity to reduce "instructional drift. New instructors also tend to de-emphasize or refrain from teaching what they do not like or are not especially good at or feel they do not understand well.

Other pressures work on new instructors which tend to modify and disorganize their instruction e. For these and other reasons, instructors tend, at first, to veer off track based on principles of control.

Additionally, the field of endeavor and the instructional elements embedded in this training are composed of relatively complex components from many fields of study. The initial two-week instructor course provides competencies to safely perform as an entry-level instructor.

It does not, however, provide the expertise, information, or skills to function as a supervisory, developmental, or specialized instructor. This is the case for two reasons: Although our instructional methods probably produce the maximum level of outcome for the time spent; ten days of instruction cannot produce expertise.

Expertise begins with training, but is developed with time spent practicing and applying the mental and physical skills involved with the field of endeavor.

As instructors conduct training, they learn and experience the difficulties of dealing with trainees and administration, complying with organizational requirements, and facing the complexities of dealing with both new and in-service trainees.

When certification is justified in it

Through experience in teaching this system. Through application of the the training methods, tactical methods, and safety practices, and their integration with constitutional and organizational requirements, new instructors develop an applied understanding of information provided, but not experienced in real life, in the basic control tactics instructor course.

After experience in applying the information, skills, and instructional paradigm provided in the basic instructor course, new instructors:A worker needs good communications and problem-solving skills as well as perseverance to get the job done well. Vendors of offering certification as . Justification for Certification by Michelle Cunningham November 9, In the world of federal contracting, there are several certifications available to small businesses.

These certifications can open the doors of opportunity and . The organization create a project management certification that give training to the employee and IT workers to gain the certificate needed for the job they are in.

It ensure that the examinees not just the core knowledge . ISO is an independent, non-governmental international organization with a membership of national standards bodies. Through its members, it brings together experts to share knowledge and develop voluntary, consensus-based, market relevant International Standards that support innovation and.

Lake Roosevelt Zebra Mussel Self Certification. Press Release: December 26, In an on-going effort to prevent aquatic invasive species, the National Park Service (NPS) at Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area is implementing a mussel-free self-certification program.

Part 2: Requirements for Certification Version 4 – January 3 of 8 1 Purpose This document states the requirements to be included in the design and implementation.

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